Saturday, July 19, 2008


SATURDAY, 19 July 08

Well, Good Morning Folks,

Let's just say that I ain't got a clue as to where this second text is going but what the hell, here we go. When a German friend recommended that I try to set up this blog, I have to admit, it sent some tingling down my spine. Let's face it, I'm a strong opinionated person and was never afraid to say it like it is. Also and although I never really leave the grounds of Baisley Lodges, I think that this "Blog Stuff" might just be the way to pass certain messages and stay in touch with old and maybe new friends from across the world.

Some folks might want to suggest that I'm wasting my time and talents just sitting here in the "boonies" of northern New-Brunswick but then again they only see the small picture of what is really going on. While some are still searching for the "Meaning of Life", I actually think that I might be on the right track in finding the right recipe for inner peace. In this modern day world where everything is so hustle and bustle and must have immediate gratification, it's nice to be able to live at a certain pace, a pace that you can control. From the amounts of visitors that actually come and visit me a "Baisley Lodges", well, what can I say, I don't think that I'm the only one that's tired of the "Rat Race". As some of you might never have the chance to actually come and physically visit me at my sanctuary, I will try share my "adventures" through this blog.

Oh by the way, it's like I said, I'm new at this "Blogger" stuff and just wanted to see if it was going work. Baisley Lodges is full of ups and downs but one thing is for sure, it's a daily adventure. So stick around, I guarantee that some of you might be entertained.



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